In cosmology probabilities appear in multiple different guises. We use them when we assess the naturalness of a certain value of the cosmological constant, when we assign likelihoods to possible initial conditions of the universe, when we judge the probability of cosmic inflation, or when we ascribe the probability of there being life in certain universes in the vicinity of certain types of stars. In this workshop we aim to identify differences and commonalities in the use of different applications of probability in cosmology, and to distinguish fruitful and legitimate uses from misleading and illegitimate ones.

This workshop brings together specialists from different physical and philosophical disciplines including epistemology, philosophy of statistical mechanics, general relativity, quantum gravity, string theory, and astrobiology. The event opens Friday evening on 21 June with a popular lecture by Sabine Hossenfelder based on her recent book “Lost in Math.” Invited and contributed talks are scheduled on Saturday 22 June and Sunday 23 June.

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  • Pratika Dayal
  • Job Feldbrugge
  • Sean Gryb
  • Sabine Hossenfelder
  • Katie Robertson
  • David Sloan
  • Chris Smeenk
  • Robert Wald
  • Sylvia Wenmackers
  • Rien Weygaert
  • Claire Zukowski